Automatic paper folding machine Auto 60

Auto 60 is a fully automatic, PLC controlled paper folding machine developed by KPH World for binders seeking for high performance jobs. The machine features a combination of 2 buckles and 3 knives enabling the user to perform 2 parallel fold and 3 or 4 cross fold as per the requirement. This machine can reach up to 10,000 sheets per hour, production speed (depends on the paper quality).

Technical Data

 Auto 60

  • Maximum Paper size 63 c.m. (C) X 93 c.m. (R)
  • Minimum Paper size 30 c.m. (C) X 45 c.m. (R)
  • Parallel Fold Two
  • Cross Fold Two / Three
  • Feeder Mode Automatic Rotary Suction Pile Feeder
  • Pile Capacity 310 Kg.
  • Knives Electronic Motorized Knives
  • Knives maximum Stroke Per mini. 150 Stroke
  • Counter Infrared
  • Power 5.3 Kw. (Proper power condition is mandatory for this machine)