Double Colour Printing Slotting Machine

Used and features

  • Semi-automatic chain paper feed side check plate positioning to ensure accurate paper feed and printing.
  • Motorized datachment and combination, pneumatic locking loosening of printing unit. The hint of alarm bell and lamp to increase the safety in operation.
  • The inker automatically breaks away form surface to protect printing plate from damage in case of mechanical shoutdown.
  • Spontaneous- suction ink furnishing device can control alone auto idling circulation of reticulater roll to prevent ink from being dried with auto cleaning roller.
  • All the rollers and shafts are fine machined and hard-chrome plated.
  • Quick phasing 360 regulation is adopted is adopted is adopted for slotting part of drum printing. The slotting part has electric phase abjustment with dial reading to make pasting easier and increase work efficiency.
  • Helical gears of high-rigidity heat teratment and machined with high-precision technique are adopted as drivign gear, featuring long service life, low noise smoothly and high chromatic precision
  • Automatic counting device is adopted which can control the production quantity properly.
  • Special design and manufacture of slotting and cormer-cutting knives enable long service life and high durability.

Technical Data

Model Sheet area (mm) Printing area (mm) Working Speed (Piece/min) The max Paper Feeding thickness (mm) Electric power (kw)
SKY-2100 1500X2000 1500X1800 0-60 13.5 2.2
SKY-2300 1500X2200 1500X2000 0-60 13.5 2.2
SKY-2500 1500X2400 1500X2200 0-60 13.5 2.5
SKY-2600 1500X2500 1500X2300 0-60 13.5 2.2
SKY-2800 1500X2700 1500X2500 0-60 13.5 4.0
SKY-3000 1500X2900 1500X2700 0-60 13.5 4.0