Book Folding Press

Hydraulic Book Folding Press designed specially for Centre – Pinned/sewn Exercise Note Books (Centre – sewn passport / Bank Pass Books / Children’s Books / Exercise Note Books etc.) It replaces the manual folding of sewn books. The problems related with Manual Folding are :

  • The accuracy in folding can not be consistentle maintained.
  • The productivity varies as per efficiency of the individual operator.
  • Quality (Neatness & Hygiene) standards are not easy to follow and adhere to.

The Operating area enables maximum open Book size of 500mm (Book Height 250mm) and minimum open book size of 160mm (Book Height 80mm). Book Thickness can be set from 2mm to20mm. The maximum spine length can be processed upto 460& 920mm respectively.

The Safety Device is equipped with Sensors to avoid any accidents or damage. Book Folding Press is a neat cuboid of a machine, sturdily built for many years of continuous us

Technical Data

Description Unit BFP 92
Book Block Width mm 920
Spine Thickness (Min – Max) mm 2 – 20
Centre to Fore Edge (Min – Max) mm 80 – 250
System Pressure kgs 1000
Electrical Load kw 1.5
Power Pack Motor kw/HP 0.75 / 1
Drive Motor kw/HP 0.75 / 1
Electrical Supply 400/440V AC 50 Hz 3Ph
Overall Dimension (WxDxH) cms 135x105x155
Hydraulic Oil Capacity ltrs 45
Net Weight (Approx.) kgs 950