Twin Corner Cutting Press

Ideal Round Cornering Machine for rounding of Catalogues; Books; Exercise Note Books; Diaries and other Stationery articles etc.

Heavy duty hydraulic Twin Corner Cutting Press can be fitted with different Tools (Dies) with radius ranging from R-3 to R-14 mm. Each set of cutting tools consist of two parts: an upper blade to be fitted to the Moving Platen and the lower Die to be fitted in a special slot on the working platform. Chute is provided for shavings/cutting waste to be collected in a bin/bag which can be attached (by the user) to the frame.

Twin Corner Cutting Press (TCC) is equipped with two cutting heads to cut both the corners simultaneously. The distance (in/outward) of both the cutting tools can be set with respective Hand-wheels attached to the Towers.

The holding and pre-pressing operation is carried out by a built-in device and on completion of the cycle, both the Holding and Mechanism return to Reset Position. Control Panel conveniently located. Foot Switch is provided for ease in handling the material being processed.

Emergency switch is provided for aborting the cycle midway. Castor provided for maximum mobility.

Technical Data

Description Unit TCC-II
Pile (Stack) Height (Maximum) mm 65/70
Punching Stroke mm 80/90
Size of Working Table (Area) mm 370 x 460
Distance Between Dies (Min – Max) mm 120 – 410
Tools/Die Range (Min – Max) kgs R-3 to R-14
No. of Strokes (Min) 20
Electrical Load kw/HP 2.25 / 3
Electrical Supply 380/415V AC 50 Hz 3Ph
Hydraulic Oil Capacity ltrs 35
Overall Dimension (WxDxH) cms 143x66x152
Net Weight (Approx.) kgs 350