Edge Squaring Press

Ever since the process of Spine (Edge) Squaring the Center Stitched / Sewn books was introduced and accepted by the Converters / Stationery Manufacturers, there has been no looking back. KPH launched its first machine in size 310mm (In the year 1999) followed by 410mm thereafter 520(2002), 610mm & 650mm(2003), 1020mm(2005), 800mm(2007), 920mm(2008), 460mm, 710mm & 850mm (2012).

A constant dialogue with our customers, to satisfy the need of production requirement has resulted in the Squaring Press to handle 3 or 4-UP Exercise Note Books upto a width of 1020mm. 3or 4 sets of Exercise Note Books (Composition Books/center thread-sewn or center wire-stitched) with heavy duplex board as title can be processed in less than 3/4secs. Productivity of over 9000 (1000x3x3) or 12000 (1000x4x3) Exercise Note Books per hour can be achieved with little or no training.

The system can be operated in Manual, Semi or Auto modes. The Clamping stroke can be set as a single stroke or in multiple, similarly the squaring mechanism can also operate in multiple strokes. The squaring mechanism can also operate in multiple strokes. The squaring finish can be precisely set to meet exacting requirements. The clamping and squaring pressure can be adjusted to suit the paper/board and thickness of the Note Books.

Safety precaution – Emergency Switch aborts the Operating Cycle and opens the Moving Platen to reset position in case of an accident. Intricate built-in Safety Device protects the fingers of the operator. Power Saving feature ensures the motor switches off automatically after Pre-set delay time (in case the recycle function is not activated).

The high speed Blower / Exhaust Fan ensures the ambient temperature in the Power Pack Area is maintained for consistent production and longer life of Rubber hoses / seals & hydraulic components etc.

PLC based control panel for sequencing, optimum reliability and simplified diagnostics. Castors are provided for maximum mobility for space saving.

Technical Data

Description Unit ESP 72 ESP 92 ESP102
Book Block Size mm 720 920 1020
Spine Thickness (Min-Max) mm 5 – 70 5 – 50 5 – 50
Book Height (Min-Max) mm 100 100 100
System Pressure (Adjustable upto) tons 9 10 10
Squaring Pressure (Adjustable upto) kgs 3500 3600 3600
Electrical Load / Motor kw / HP 2.25/3 2.25 / 3 2.25 / 3
Electrical Supply 400 / 440V AC 50 Hz 3Ph
Hydraulic Oil Capacity ltrs 35 35 35
Overall Dimension (WxDxH) cms 110x109x97 127x106x96 137x106x96
Net Weight (Approx.) kgs 990 1180 1220